Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I want to be when I'm high

It a translation from Russian of a blog post (based on a homework of 7-year-old boy) at

I want to become a programmer, when I grow large because it is cool and simple work. Therefore, in our times there are many programmers and become even more.

Programmers do not need to go to the school, they need to learn to read in a computer language that they could talk with the computer.

I think that they should be able to read, too, that to know what was going on, when all things are messed up.

Programmers should be bold, that would not be scared, when everything is mixed up so that nobody will understand, or if you have to speak in English to a foreign language that would know what to do.

Programmers must have good eyesight, that would see through clothing and that would not be afraid of secretaries, so that they have to work.

I also like salary that programmers receive. They get so much money that do not have time to spend them all.

This is because everyone thinks programming job difficult, but programmers who know how simple it is.

There is nothing that I would not like it, except that girls like programmers and everybody wants to go beyond them married, and why women should go away, that would not interfere with work.

I hope that I have no allergies to office dust, because I'm allergic to our dog.

If I am allergic to dust, I won't become a programmer and will have to search for real work.

c) is not yet known.

if you find any mistypes then there are a few options:
- This was done by Google translate (which has done 80% of work)
- This was done by me to support a style of the original homework
- No other choices :)

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